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      The driving recorder continues to work for 24 hours, is there any damage to the battery of the car?
      549 2022-01-18
        When people buy a car, they usually install some extra accessories on their car. For example, install some small personal objects outside and inside the car, or install some more practical things in the car, such as a driving recorder.
        The driving recorder is really very practical. When you encounter a Chinese party, it can be used as a piece of evidence. When you encounter a Chinese party, you will run away in embarrassment, and you are not afraid of being scammed by the other party. The driving recorder does bring great convenience to car owners, but some car owners also ask the question: Will the driving recorder continue to work for 24 hours, will it affect the car‘s battery?
        Generally, when the vehicle is started, the driving recorder will also follow the startup, and when the car is stopped and turned off, it will automatically shut down. Then, if the car owner does not want to use the driving recorder during the driving process, he can directly press the power button to directly shut down.
        If the owner is very sloppy one day, the car does not turn off when parking, and the dash cam forgot to turn off, so it drives like this for 24 hours. At this time, the battery of the car will definitely be damaged, that is, when the car is turned off, the power supply in the car will be automatically cut off, and the driving recorder will not be charged. The purpose of this is to protect the car battery and prevent A fire occurs when a short circuit occurs.
        In this way, if the driving recorder works for 24 hours, it will definitely cause great damage to the car battery, and the car battery will lose power. If halfway through, the car suddenly turns off, and the owner can only find a trailer or someone else for help. Therefore, it is generally not recommended that car owners take power from the battery when installing the driving recorder. It is meaningless to do so, and it will also damage the battery.
        Although the power consumption of the driving recorder is relatively small, the power storage of the car is eternal. Once the car is parked for one night, if the driving recorder is not turned off, the power in the battery may be exhausted. , when the car owners go to pick up the car the next day, they will find that the car cannot catch fire, and it will also delay their time.
         Comments: In fact, it is not just the driving recorder. If some electrical appliances in the car are not turned off in time after use, the power in the battery will definitely be exhausted for a long time. If the owner wants to make the car battery last a long time Do not let the battery work in a state of power loss for a long time. If the car is not driven for a long time, it is necessary to charge the battery of the car in time. Otherwise, when the car is in use, the car will definitely fall off the chain.