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      Safety issues of lithium-ion batteries
      980 2020-03-04
            Please pay attention to the safety of lithium-ion batteries.

      1. Pay attention to the short-circuit situation
           Lithium-ion batteries are prone to short circuits during the charging process.   Although most lithium-ion batteries are equipped with short-circuit protection circuits, and explosion-proof lines. But in many cases, this circuit may not work in various situations. The role of explosion-proof line is also very limited.
      2. Don‘t overcharge when charging
           All lithium-ion batteries, whether they are previously developed or polymer lithium-ion batteries, lithium-iron batteries, etc., developed in recent years, are very afraid of overcharging.
      If the lithium ion battery is charged for too long, the possibility of explosion will increase.
      The chemical properties of lithium are very active and easy to burn. When the battery is charged and discharged, the internal temperature of the battery continues to rise, and the gas generated during the activation process expands, which increases the internal pressure of the battery. When the pressure reaches a certain level, if the shell is damaged, it will rupture, causing leakage, fire, or even explosion.
      Therefore, everyone must be very safe when using lithium-ion batteries.