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      How to maintain the lithium battery so that it can last longer?
      711 2021-09-23
      Experimental results have confirmed that the best maintenance method for lithium-ion batteries is light use, quick release and quick charge, which is similar to the use of mechanical equipment. The greater the frequency and the number of times, the faster the battery will wear out.
      The lower the degree of deep discharge of the lithium battery, the longer the use time. If possible, try to avoid frequent full charge and discharge.
      As far as the user is concerned, it is best to charge your battery after 10% or 20% of the battery is used. You can also charge when the remaining power is 50%, but try to avoid prompting to start charging when the battery is low. Do not charge it under any circumstances. The battery is exhausted. If you are away from home, try to use a larger capacity battery or mobile power supply.
      In addition, the temperature of the operating environment also affects the battery life, too high (30°C) or too low temperature will cause loss of battery life. For example, a notebook computer that is often used with an adapter power supply, it is best to remove the battery. In fact, it is not that charging will damage the battery, because the battery will not be charged after it is fully charged, but the notebook computer does not pay attention to the ventilation at the bottom when using it. Circumstances can overheat the temperature, which is the real culprit that affects battery life. Of course, if there is a better use environment or heat dissipation base, the battery can avoid the loss of unsaved data in the event of a power failure.