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      18650 lithium battery
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      3.7V 5200mAh cylindrical lithium battery|18650 1S2P
      3.7V cylindrical lithium battery product model: XL 3.7V 5200mAh
      Battery capacity 3.7V / line size according to customer requirements
      Single battery model: 18650
      Packaging method: Industrial PVC heat shrinkable film
      Wire model:UL3239 22WAG
      3.7V cylindrical lithium battery Product model: XL 3.7V 5200mAh
      3.7V cylindrical lithium battery technical parameters (specific design according to customer requirements - voltage/capacity/size/circuit)
      Single battery model: 18650
      ·Single cell voltage: 3.7V
      ·Nominal voltage after battery pack combination: 3.7V
      ·Single battery capacity: 2.6Ah
      ·Battery combination: 1 series and 2 parallel
      ·Battery voltage range after combination: 3.0v-4.2v
      · Battery capacity after combination: 5.2ah
      Battery pack power: 19.24Wh
      ·Battery pack size: 20*37*67mm
      ·Maximum discharge current: <5.2A
      ·Instantaneous discharge current: 10A-15.5A
      ·Maximum charging current: 0.2-0.5c
      ·Charge and discharge times: >500 times
      ·Main chip: (Seiko, TI)
      3.7V cylindrical lithium battery
      ·Comply with relevant national battery standards and requirements
      ·All finished batteries are calibrated and tested before leaving the factory. Can be used directly